The Stans tour encompasses 5 countries in Central Asia

The Stans tour encompasses 5 countries in Central Asia. It is often done on the Pamir Highway Tour, as the road leads through all 5 countries. Guests who want culture, adventure and a destination that is very unique and unexplored should consider the Stans tour. The tour can be done in as little as 2 weeks and yes guests will get ample time in each and every country that forms the Stans.

This is because the Stans tour is one straight continuous journey on a single road with stops being made along the way. Tourist activities are close to the highway which means there is very little out of the way travelling enabling a tour group to explore so much more.

Each country offers many unique cities but there are some that deserve a special nod. The start country of Tajikistan offers the city of Dushanbe which is also where international flights land for the stand tour.

The city is the most modern that will be seen during the tour with the rest emulating more of an old world vibe. Time is taken to relax upon landing but the vibe of the city is so entrancing that tourists just want to venture out immediately. It is a city of culture with various libraries and museums which are high noted. Kyrgyzstan houses Osh.


This is the last city toured on the Stans tour. Guests are given an opportunity to recoup after the road journey and this is done in a wildlife resort of sorts. The Stans tour guests get to sight see animals which are near extinction and learn about the country’s conservation efforts. Uzbekistan hosts the Geisev Valley. It is a beautiful area of land with the clear blue lakes running alongside mountains being just mystical. The air of mystic is only enhanced by the hot springs of the area.

In the cold climate the springs are often sought out by locals and visitors alike. The Chasma hot springs with its high sulphur content is said to have a healing effect on the body especially for sore and worn out muscles. The Fatima hot springs is a religiously significant site said to bring good luck to women for fertility. Langar is the city to visit for forts and tribes. These may be found in abundance along the way of the Stans tour but it is all the more rewarding when visited here. Tribes rebuke the modern way of living but do encourage outsiders to live with them for a day and witness their way of life.

This is not offered to everyone who visits the country, just those who do the Stans tour with a holiday company. Tribes welcome them to dine, get some rest and visit forts. The one that still stand strong and guests get to climb and see for themselves just how it was used to sling stones at enemies. Chichkan was the transit point during the Silk Trade era and remnants of this is seen today with the cultural diversity of its population.