Top 7 bars and clubs in Lisbon

Top 7 bars and clubs in Lisbon

Lisbon has eventually grown to become one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Those who have been there can bear witness that it is one of the most attractive destinations for travelers who want to get the best out of their vacation. The city has amazing bars, clubs and restaurants for those who are looking for a competitive place to have a drink, a night out and listen to some live music performances.

In this article, we have featured top seven bars and clubs in Lisbon. Read on to find out more about these cool places.


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Lisbon Pub Crawl

Experience the city’s legendary nightlife by visiting Lisbon Pub Crawl, one of the best entertainment spots in the heart of Lisbon. You can commence the nightlife with an absolutely free tot at this joint. Enjoy unlimited drinks during a forty five minute open bar and discover local spirits and beers.

Silk Club

Silk Club is a cool club to visit. If you find yourself in Lisbon and you want to find a hot-spot to experience the nightlife in central Lisbon, then Silk Club is the place to be.

Ginginha do Carmo

Ginginha do Carmo, is the marvelously tiny bar, found under the steps when heading towards the Rossio train station. In this joint, you will get a chance to enjoy a few drinks and socialize with some friendly locals. The comfortable experience here feels like a home away from home.

Pavilhao Chines


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If you have just arrived in Lisbon and you don’t know of a place to kick-start the party, Pavilhao Chines is definitely a good start. This club is normally full to the brim, so get there early. Described as an “objet de Art ” this place is outstanding and rather classy too.

Cinco Lounge

Cinco Lounge is one of the best cocktail bars in Lisbon. You will get an opportunity to enjoy excellent selection of local and international beers and spirits. The cocktails are outstanding and you could breathe real nightlife at Cinco Lounge.

Pensao Amor

If love is on your mind and you’re in a romantic mood, then look no further thanPensao Amor. This club is found in upper downtown Lisbon. If you get a chance to visit Lisbon and it is late at night, try to visit this special pub and spend a few of your hard earned money here.  Trust, you won’t be disappointed.

Red Frog – Speakeasy Bar

Red Frog – Speakeasy Bar is a super cool place to visit in Lisbon. Here, you will find brilliant cocktails, wide selection of spirits, bears and whiskeys. It features a nice atmosphere in a relaxing environment, also another place the locals like to frequent.

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