The art of birding is enjoyed by millions around the globe

The art of birding is enjoyed by millions around the globe. Every year a lot of people in that number venture out into the world to heighten their birding capabilities. Foreign lands give off a lot of birding opportunities, of new species that they would have no access to in their homeland. Such an area would be the Southern African country of Mozambique. The country offers guests the chance to study species such as the Mascarene Martin and the Bronzy Sunbird. Most birders do not even dream of going to such a place for the fear of the cost of travel being too high or that the country will be difficult to navigate to an outsider. Both of these fears can be resolved by partnering with professional tour companies.

We are not talking about your run of the mill holiday offers, but companies who deal solely on a Mozambique birding tour and also tours to other places worldwide. They will package a Mozambique birding tour to include all travel necessities and a lot of birding time. It is cheaper because they buy up hotel rooms, flight seats and restaurant tables in huge amounts and for this huge business, they are heavily rewarded with lower pricing. They can package all of these elements into a Mozambique birding tour package and it will cost less to purchase than if birders were to book their own hotel rooms and transport.


The added benefit is that tour companies can include a professional Mozambique birding tour guide who knows the ins and outs of the country and can relay this expertise to a tour group. They also offer a guiding hand in travelling the country and bridging the gap between Portuguese and English. They also accompany their group into birding areas and with their years of expertise, can lead them directly to birding hotspots. This is vital, as birders have paid for this international trip and would want to get their money’s worth by filling up their birding list to the brim. A lot more time can be spent actually around birds on the Mozambique birding tour than having to wander around looking for them.

Famed stops on the Mozambique birding tour are the following. Casa Lisa to see the Purple Crested Turaco. Vilankulo for the Green Malkoha and also to visit the Bazaruto archipelago. Mount Gorongosa for Swynnertons Robin and some time to indulge in photography amongst the scenic mountain views. Yet it is central Mozambique with the greatest amount of birding at the Rio Savana Reserve where guests will end of their tour in the country. For the sheer number of species provided by Mozambique, most tours will schedule for it to be 3 weeks long, a week longer than most. It is not just a sense of finding the bird and moving on. Birders will want to photograph it, study its physical traits and spend a fair amount of time just watching their sociability. Birders can take up to an hour per bird.