Top Hollywood Hangouts

It seems that the number of things to do and places to visit in LA are endless. With bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels and shops dotted around just about everywhere in Hollywood, how do you decide what to do? Easy, just follow this guide to Hollywood’s top hangouts.

Upstairs Bar at the Ace Hotel, Downton LA

This hip hotel, housed in the former United Artists building oozes the LA essence. The trendy rooftop lounge equipped with a bar, pool and panorama view earns its place on the list of top Hollywood hangouts. The swanky scene is ideal for hipsters, musicians, models and designers. So if you’re looking for a chance to spot any of Hollywood’s big stars, this would be a good place to start as Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick and Matt Damon are noted as regulars. So grab a drink, take a seat and pop on your Oliver Peoples Glasses and you’ll fit right in to the celebrity scene.

Hilltop Park, Long Beach

As the name states, Hilltop Park is a park on top of a hill. The compact space covering the hill top is around 3.2 acres. The hilltop offers an amazing panoramic view of long beach and makes for an impressive sunset. On a clear day you can even see downtown LA in the far distance. With picnic tables and bbq areas there’s plenty of relaxation when you get to the top. The best thing about Hilltop for many LA locals is the free parking that can be found on the residential streets surrounding the hill.  So, if you’re off to watch the sunset, pack your Oliver People’s shades!


Noho Arts District is home to contemporary theatres, art galleries, cafes and shops in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. Within the area there are more than twenty professional theatres showcasing new work a range of art galleries and professional dance studios. Noho Arts District features the largest concentration of music recording venues west of the Mississippi.

Rodeo Drive

Despite primarily being known for being the infamous shopping street in Beverly Hills, the southern sector of the street does in fact encroach into LA. Rodeo Drive is compromised of the most luxurious shopping, dining and also hotel destinations. Home to designer boutiques and high end fashion, Rodeo Drive is known as the international fashion centre.

Bar Marmont, Chateau Marmont

If you fancy the chance to sip on a cocktail whilst in the presence of one of Hollywood’s A-list celebs, then try the legendary Bar Marmont. Located near Sunset Strip the bar is well known for its fantastic mix of cocktails. The Sun Goddess, a concoction of Elyx, Lillet, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, mint and muddled grapes is a popular recommendation. With sightings of Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, have your sunglasses at the ready for the flash of the cameras as celebs make their way in and out.

Greystone Manor Nightclub, 643 North La Cienega Boulevard

This ‘superclub’ is known to be one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood, The Greystone Manor is considered a must for locals, visitors and fully fledged tourists. The high ceilings, millwork and ornate chandeliers evoke a feel of glamour and decadence. This luxurious venue can house up to 500 guests and celeb sightings are not unheard of in this Hollywood hotspot. Greystone is infamous for its night hosted its Sunday night parties. If you head to the Greystone Manor for the night you’re guaranteed to feel like you’ve crashed a high class party in an elegant manor!

Millions of Milkshakes

Looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth? Then head over to Millions of Milkshakes on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and San Vicente. Try out your own flavour of milkshake or smoothie, or why not go for a celebrity creation? Previous celebrities who have visited the store have concocted their own drink based on their favourite flavours and mixes. The store then places the drink on the menu, naming it after the celebrity. Some of the store’s biggest customers and creators include Miley Cyrus, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Lil Kim and Mario Lopez. So if you’re ever in Hollywood, make your way over to Millions of Milkshakes and be the creator of your own one of a kind drink like the stars.

There you have it, Hollywood’s coolest local hangouts. So head out and enjoy yourself. Just don’t forget your Oliver Peoples Sunglasses because if you do happen to bump into a celebrity, you want to be looking your best.