Great Cycling Trips in Europe

If you love cycling, you can spend years enjoying all the amazing routes that Europe has to offer and still not see all of them. This large and diverse continent has so many beautiful routes through the mountains, coast and countryside.

Here are some of the most eye-catching, challenging and exciting cycling routes that you can explore across Europe. This list will make you want to load up your bike onto your towbar and get going on a big cycling trip. Where will you go on your next adventure?

Velodyssey – The Atlantic Cycling Route

This epic 1,200 km journey begins in the UK and runs all the way down the western coast of France. It ends up at the Spanish border, offering you an unforgettable journey through some of the most stunning scenery in Western Europe. Of course, it would take you a long time to tackle this entire route – but there’s nothing stopping you from doing a portion of it. You can traverse it in several sections over multiple trips until you have completed the entire route.

Tour de Bourgogne

If your love for cycling is only rivalled by your love for wine and food, then this will be the dream cycling route for you. It is a 580 km bike route that will take you through the famous wine regions in the vicinity of Macon and the gastronomic hotspot of Dijon. It is a lovely and scenic route that will take you through canals, voievertes and disused railway lines. All along the way there will be many opportunities to stop and sample the delicious treats of the local region. If you find that you have sampled too much wine to ride your bike in a straight line, you can simply stay in one of the lovely inns and hotels along the route and start again the next day.


The Napoleon Expedition

How about following the route of Napoleon’s 1812 Russian Campaign – on a bicycle? The 4,400 km route will take you around 45 days – beginning in Paris and taking you through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and finally to Russia. On this journey you will travel through huge swathes of lovely scenic countryside, including deep forests, medieval villages, historic cities and rolling vineyards. You will likely get a much friendlier greeting when you arrive in Russia than Napoleon did!

The Danube

Cycling along the Danube River through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary is one of the loveliest rides in Europe and it’s not too challenging. There are no hills and most of the journey will be on a smooth paved path that follows along the river through the picturesque Eastern European countryside. The journey will take you around 13 days and covers around 846 km. It’s quite an easy trail in that it is difficult to get lost – you simply follow along the banks of the river.

London to Paris

The London to Paris route is a long, exciting and challenging one. You’ll begin in the heart of London, then travel outside of the city to the smaller, leafier suburbs. Crossing the channel into France, you’ll be treated with the peaceful rolling countryside of northern France before finishing up in lovely Paris with its historic buildings and cobbled streets. This journey is a popular one with charity challenge fundraisers and it’s a must for any cycling enthusiast in the UK.

The Dalmatian Coast

Travelling in Croatia gives you a chance to see the Mediterranean as was many years ago, with tranquil beaches, olive groves and white-washed houses. This leisurely tour is about 300 km, but take your time so that you will have a chance to stop for a dip in the beautiful blue-green sea or wander through some of the small villages. You can end your trip in Dubrovnik, a stunning historic city that is known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic.”

These are just a few of the most stunning cycling routes that Europe has to offer. When you strap your bicycle to your roof with cycle carriers and hit the road, there are many cycling adventures in store. Where will you go exploring on your next Europe cycling trip?