Along with the fall season comes the incredible change in colors of the foliage, including bright reds, brilliant oranges, and firey yellows. The state of Oregon is filled with deciduous trees that offer incredible sights as the season changes and autumn is in full swing.

If you happen to find yourself in the beautiful state of Oregon from late September through to late October, consider checking out the following hot spots for amazing sights of fall color.

  1. Mount Hood Scenic Loop

The Mount Hood Scenic Loop is comprised of the Mount Hood Scenic Byway and the Historic Columbia River Highway. This 146-mile drive offers up some of the most stunning fall colors along the Columbia River Gorge, in the orchards of Hood River, and on Mount Hood itself.

  1. Forest Park

The BigLeaf Maple runs rampant in Portland’s vast Forest Park, with all the colors of fall that you would want to gaze at. The Maple Trail Loop Hike is the place to be to witness these trees in all their glory during this vibrant season. During your trek to Forest Park, consider staying in one of the many quaint motels in Medford, Oregon.

  1. McKenzie River

The McKenzie River extends from Clear Lake to Eugene, meandering through paths of deciduous trees along the way. The best spot to check out trees with changing leaf colors is along the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail or the McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Scenic Byway.

  1. Deschutes River Trail

If you love to watch nature at its best while enjoying activities such as hiking or biking, then the Deschutes River Trail is the spot for you. This is perhaps Central Oregon’s best destination for fall foliage, which extends from the Meadow Day Use Area to Benham Falls.

  1. Lithia Park

This 93-acre forested canyonland is a wonderland for fall color, combining local deciduous trees with those that are rather unfamiliar to Oregon forests, including Japanese snowbell, European beech, and eastern flowering dogwood.

There certainly is no shortage of fall foliage in Oregon, making this western state the place to go during this wonderful season.