Comfortable Carrying a Baby Rides an Airplane in This Way

Babies under two weeks of age should not be taken on a plane first. The reason is, the baby’s body with that age has not been able to adjust to the surrounding environment perfectly. In addition, newborns less than two weeks are also more susceptible to attacks by germs and bacteria, especially in closed spaces like aircraft cabins.
So, at what age can babies get on a plane?
The age of three months is an age that is safe enough to invite babies to travel by plane. At this age, the physiology of growth and development of the baby is maximal, so that the condition of the little one is optimal when facing the stress of a kind of cold air and various other changes. The age of the baby who is getting older makes him stronger against other environmental changes.
For the little ones who are ready Moms invite to travel by plane, here are some important tips that Moms should pay attention to:

Before leaving
1. Choose a departure schedule that is most comfortable for the baby, for example at night when Moms use long flights or hours of naps on short-haul flights. That way, your child can sleep quietly on the plane.
2. Order additional seats specifically for babies, especially if your child is big enough. It is not advisable to hold the baby continuously while in the aircraft cabin. This can be very dangerous in the event of turbulence or drastic air changes that can make the baby escape from Moms’ lap.
3. Inform the airline that Moms is traveling with a baby, so that the flight crew has the information to be ready to install additional seat belts (for children on lap) and to help pair the car seat.
4. The best seat that Moms can use with your baby is the front of the cabin. Seat in that position makes Moms get more legroom. The seat on the front of the cabin also has minimal noise coming from the aircraft engine. Babies are also not permitted to sit at the seat of a row of emergency exits.
5. Observe at the same time obey the rules regarding the stroller, considering each airline has set different rules. Some airlines allow the stroller to be brought into the cabin and then deposited to the flight crew, but other airlines forbid the stroller from being taken to the cabin and must enter the baggage.
6. Choose a seat on the side of the hall, so Moms are easier to get in and out when taking care of your little one. Especially if you have to calm him down when he is fussy by taking a walk in the cabin hallway.

At the airport
1. Arrive early at the airport so that Moms have free time to check-in, pass immigration (if abroad), to security check.
2. Invite the baby to play or do light activities so as not to feel tired while waiting. This is very useful so Read More

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4 Tips on boarding a plane for beginners without fear and greed

The steps to get on a plane correctly according to the procedure can help those of you who have never taken care of their own departure.
How to get on a plane for the first time is very easy. So, don’t be nervous or tense. It is very normal if you feel confused, especially for those who have never taken care of their own departure.
It’s good to pay attention to several steps on how to board a plane according to the procedure, because there are some tips that need to be done before reaching the plane.
Well, because of that we will provide tips and steps on how to get on the plane correctly according to the procedure. Here’s the review.

1. Check-in and Re-check the Defaults
Some airlines can check in online via the internet, but to be sure to ask again at the check in counter. Or if you really carry luggage, you still need to check in the baggage. Submit a ticket that matches your departure date, identity card, or passport for foreign flights.
Make sure you do not carry items that are prohibited on the plane, and make sure the weight of the baggage does not exceed the applicable provisions. Each airline has different rules regarding baggage weight.
The excess will usually be charged. The maximum cabin weight is seven kg. The bag carried has a measure of determination which is about 56cm x 36cm x 23cm.
Any musical instrument may be carried as long as it is properly packaged and can enter the luggage compartment. All types of sharp, explosive objects, balloons and some types of inflatable balls are prohibited from entering the cabin. All liquids such as Liquid, Aerosol, Gel, abbreviated LAG are also not allowed on the plane.
Some types of LAG may be carried provided that the container does not exceed 100 ml or all liquids are placed in transparent plastic that does not exceed one liter. Not because of what, but this is actually an anticipation for terrorists who make bombs with liquids.
After the check-in process is complete, the check-in officer will provide a boarding pass and a piece of baggage claim tag. Go to counter airpotax to pay airport tax. But there are some airlines that have included airport taxes when purchasing tickets. For overseas departures, you need to go through the immigration inspection section first.
Enter the Waiting Room Before Boarding

2. Enter the Waiting Room Before Boarding
Pay attention to the boarding pass obtained at check-in. On boarding passes you will have room and gate instructions where you have to wait for the plane and boarding. Also pay attention to boarding time and flight hours. If you find it, wait calmly in the boarding room.
How to get on a plane is actually very easy if you already know the departure terminal and boarding gate. For this reason, try to get a minimum of two hours before the scheduled departure. Generally there is now a check-in
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3 Historic Highlights of Key West

The Little White House

Image via Flickr by Sue Elias

President Harry Truman first visited the Little White House in 1946 for a weeklong vacation and returned here many times between the years 1946 and 1952. In this house, Truman met with officials to discuss the Marshall Plan, Civil Rights legislation, and much more. Over the years the building was also used by other presidents.

Today the Little White House is open to the public year-round. Tour guides bring you through the building and speak about President Truman’s visits here, U.S. Naval History in Key West, and the Cold War. During your visit, be sure to spend some time in the Botanical Gardens, which consists of an acre of local trees, plants, and flowers, surrounded by the original wrought iron fence from 1890. This portion of the tour is self-guided, so you can freely wander the grounds and enjoy the tropical foliage.

The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

Image via Flickr by karlnorling

Located in Old Town Key West, Ernest Hemingway’s former home is now a historic landmark and museum. Hemingway and his wife Pauline renovated the house and property in the 1930s, adding an in-ground swimming pool and beautiful gardens. Today, visitors can take tours of the house, which include lots of interesting stories about Hemingway’s experiences on the island.

The Museum is open all year, and tours are available between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. In addition to exploring the house and stunning gardens, you can also visit with the property’s many cats. Hemingway owned several cats, including Snow White, a six-toed cat. Many of Snow White’s descendants still live on the property today and are very popular with visitors.

If your time in Key West is limited, the Hemingway Home is definitely a must-see Key West attraction.


Key West Lighthouse Museum

Image via Flickr by TALMADGEBOYD

The Key West Lighthouse was built in 1825 so that commercial and naval ships could safely navigate the shallow waters and many reefs. The lighthouse was notable for hiring a woman as its keeper, which was very unusual at that time. Though the lighthouse has not been used to guide ships since 1969, it is a popular destination for visitors.

When you visit, you can climb 88 iron steps to the very top of the lighthouse and take in incredible views of Key West and the sea. You can also explore the grounds and check out the Keeper’s Quarters, where there is a collection of artifacts, maps, photos and belongings of the former lighthouse keepers. The Key West Lighthouse Museum is an opportunity to enjoy the amazing scenery and to learn about a way of life that is now abandoned.

Key West is a wonderful vacation destination, with beautiful beaches and a rich history. The island has a huge variety of activities and attractions and is a place that families, couples, and singles can all appreciate. For your next vacation, definitely consider planning a visit to … Read More

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