Fly to Los Cabos for an Eco-Friendly Adventure

At the southern end of Mexico’s Baja peninsula lies Los Cabos, a most sought after eco-tourism destination in the region. Its expansive coastlines, varied terrain, and unique culture attract multitudes of domestic and international visitors. In fact, the area enjoys healthy tourism rates each year, with hardly any low season for the local industry. With its unique natural attractions, sustainability has been a goal in Los Cabos to balance the growth of the tourism sector. When in Los Cabos, try these eco-friendly experiences to truly appreciate the area.

Whale Shark Dive

The entire Baja Peninsula has been ranked as among the world’s best destinations for whale watching. In Los Cabos, the sea hosts a rich variety of marine life, including natural food sources such as plankton. With this teeming source, the coastal waters become an ideal habitat for the world’s largest mammal.

The whale shark is probably one of the most famous residents of Los Cabos. These friendly and majestic 40,000 lb creatures have been consistently sighted in the area and along the Baja Sur waters. When in the area, take the opportunity to see these majestic creatures up close. Here, visitors can book an eco-friendly tour where they can swim with whale sharks .

Ocean Exploration

For diving enthusiasts, exploring Los Cabos and the Sea of Cortez is a must. The area has several outstanding dive sites including Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park and several marine reserves. Any form of fishing has been banned in Cabo Pulmo Park years ago to protect the living coral reef system. As a result, hundreds of marine life species have made their home in the park. Cabo Pulmo was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 2005.

The Sand Falls is another area of interest in Los Cabos. The falls, which is located in a coastal protected area, has been described as a natural cascading sand formation that meets the ocean floor. Visitors can also explore the Los Cabos waters through sailing or kayaking. The area has several natural rock formations, such as the El Arco, which gracefully juts out of the ocean.

Explore the Terrain

After swimming in the ocean, another option is to see the surprising desert terrain of Los Cabos. As a land of contrasts, there is a desert park reserve in Los Cabos which can be explored with a tour guide. The eco-trail passes through canyons, creeks, and desert estuaries. From these hiking trails, endemic plants and animals such as the bighorn sheep can be sighted.

Experience the Local Culture

Seeing the local Los Cabos culture is part of any sustainable tourism experience. The area’s coastal location has shaped its art, traditions, and culinary scene. When in Los Cabos, look at the nature-inspired art of local artisans or treat the palate with sustainably caught seafood prepared the traditional way.

Eco-friendly tours allow visitors to responsibly have a full Los Cabos experience. Plan the next tour to the Baja peninsula and include Los Cabos in the itinerary. While there, seek out … Read More

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