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Games To Spice Up Your Holiday Party

Are you planning a Christmas party at one of the beautiful hotels in Chester or at your own home? Keep your visitors cheerful and engaged by having some fun Christmas themed recreations and games at your gathering.

There’s more to Goa then the eyes meet…!

Welcome to Goa! Know from its popular beaches, stretching from Baga to Palolem to quiet laid- back fishing village such as Agonda. But beyond the glamour, lies a rich cultural history – what makes Goa such an

The Stans tour encompasses 5 countries in Central Asia

The Stans tour encompasses 5 countries in Central Asia. It is often done on the Pamir Highway Tour, as the road leads through all 5 countries. Guests who want culture, adventure and a destination that is very

5 of the most unique places to visit in Algeria

As the largest country in Africa, it’s no surprise that Algeria is filled with many must see places. In fact a comprehensive Algeria tour takes around 3 weeks to complete. Here we name 5 of the most