Nothing can match the beauty of Paris, France. But you need to remember that France is not always about Paris, famous for its towering Eiffel tower and fascinating to the eye of many tourists and always wanting to return to Paris as soon as possible. Yeah, some of the fun sights in Paris are also worth a visit. Here are some tips to travel to France that may help you in traveling to France with your family or friends.

Prepare Everything Carefully and Immaculately

Of course, you don’t want the things you have prepared left behind, isn’t? Start carefully with all the preparations including your luggage during your stay in France later. Lots of preparations that you will prepare ahead of departure or far away should be prepared. You should also choose the best holiday rentals in Brittany. Here’s a list of important things you should prepare during your holiday in France included in the travel tips to France:

  1. Visa

This is travel tips to France that is very important to be prepared. You certainly don’t want to just sit around while exploring France, do you? Well, the role of this visa will be very important even when your departure to this dream city.

  1. Appropriate Clothing with Seasons

Watch also when you will travel to France. For summer, autumn, and spring, you can use simple clothes that make you comfortable. For winter you should definitely adjust your clothes to the circumstances around. Otherwise, you could get sick and fail to explore France and other tourist cities.

  1. Learn France language

Some people who have ever gone to France suggest this as one of the most important travel tips to France. France people are able to speak English but they don’t like to use it as a primary language because of their high nationalism. So, being able to speak English alone doesn’t guarantee your trip will be smooth. Try learning some important greetings and vocabulary and core from France language that can start your conversation with France like “Bonjour” which means greeting. Furthermore, you can just use the international language for the next conversation.

  1. Much Money

This is also one of the absolute tips to travel to France. Not only France but also all the countries you visit while on vacation. The money will make it easier for you to pay the train tickets and culinary tours during the holidays.

For the convenience of communicating during holidays in France, choose also communication supporters who can keep your comfort and smoothness during the holidays. Don’t forget to capture your holiday moments while in France with the gadgets you have. And don’t forget to follow the tips of tours to France this time. Have a good holiday!