The steps to get on a plane correctly according to the procedure can help those of you who have never taken care of their own departure.
How to get on a plane for the first time is very easy. So, don’t be nervous or tense. It is very normal if you feel confused, especially for those who have never taken care of their own departure.
It’s good to pay attention to several steps on how to board a plane according to the procedure, because there are some tips that need to be done before reaching the plane.
Well, because of that we will provide tips and steps on how to get on the plane correctly according to the procedure. Here’s the review.

1. Check-in and Re-check the Defaults
Some airlines can check in online via the internet, but to be sure to ask again at the check in counter. Or if you really carry luggage, you still need to check in the baggage. Submit a ticket that matches your departure date, identity card, or passport for foreign flights.
Make sure you do not carry items that are prohibited on the plane, and make sure the weight of the baggage does not exceed the applicable provisions. Each airline has different rules regarding baggage weight.
The excess will usually be charged. The maximum cabin weight is seven kg. The bag carried has a measure of determination which is about 56cm x 36cm x 23cm.
Any musical instrument may be carried as long as it is properly packaged and can enter the luggage compartment. All types of sharp, explosive objects, balloons and some types of inflatable balls are prohibited from entering the cabin. All liquids such as Liquid, Aerosol, Gel, abbreviated LAG are also not allowed on the plane.
Some types of LAG may be carried provided that the container does not exceed 100 ml or all liquids are placed in transparent plastic that does not exceed one liter. Not because of what, but this is actually an anticipation for terrorists who make bombs with liquids.
After the check-in process is complete, the check-in officer will provide a boarding pass and a piece of baggage claim tag. Go to counter airpotax to pay airport tax. But there are some airlines that have included airport taxes when purchasing tickets. For overseas departures, you need to go through the immigration inspection section first.
Enter the Waiting Room Before Boarding

2. Enter the Waiting Room Before Boarding
Pay attention to the boarding pass obtained at check-in. On boarding passes you will have room and gate instructions where you have to wait for the plane and boarding. Also pay attention to boarding time and flight hours. If you find it, wait calmly in the boarding room.
How to get on a plane is actually very easy if you already know the departure terminal and boarding gate. For this reason, try to get a minimum of two hours before the scheduled departure. Generally there is now a check-in schedule of between 15 minutes and 30 minutes before boarding.
To be safe and not need to queue at the check-in counter, check in online at the airline sites you use such as Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Citilink, Garuda and others.
When the flight time arrived, all passengers would be called and prepared to stand in line to board the plane. Business class passengers and priority passengers such as seniors, sick people, pregnant women or those who bring children are usually welcome to enter first.
To get into the plane, you can use garbarata. But sometimes passengers have to go down to the runway and then take special stairs, or take a bus provided by the airline. Look for seats according to the number on your boarding pass and place your luggage in the compartment above the seat neatly.

How to get on an easy plane, follow the rules

3. Easy way to board a plane, follow the rules
Get used to wearing a seat belt and immediately turn off the cellphone, unless the plane is refueling, do not attach the seat belt first. Sit quietly on the plane and note the flight safety instructions that the cabin crew will demonstrate before leaving.
Lower the bench back and don’t disturb the person next to you. Do not walk in the airplane aisle before the seat belt mark has been turned off. Choose the most comfortable seat when checking in. If you have to go back to the toilet, you should choose a seat near the hall.
When landing, keep sitting until the sign wearing the seat belt is turned off. Don’t rush, then you can stand up to pick up the bag in the cabin. No need to rush to get off. Just let the person in front of you walk first. Ask politely for the person in front of you, if you really want to walk first.